Potsdam, N.Y. - More often than not, people judge my friend Devin. They tell me that his fits of rage are too much for them. They say that maybe he should take it down a notch or two. People tell me often that my friend Devin shouldn’t have punched that desktop computer. They tell me that he shouldn’t have cried at the end of ‘The Social Network’. They tell me that Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield will be fine.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret, friends: Devin is a musician. He plays the violin. That means he’s allowed to do this shit. Because Devin’s a musician, he feels more emotion. Musicians have to be passionate, ok? They have to be more passionate than you are about everything. Do you think you’re passionate about your major? Your family? Your dog? Your will to live? Devin’s more passionate about his love for his old Nintendog than you are about your entire life. Because it’s in his goddamned veins.

Devin was allowed to light that classroom on fire. The professor told him that he didn’t like Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance. Devin was allowed to be upset, because he has more upset than you.

Devin’s more successful than you because he has more emotion to put into his art. Devin took the sadness that he found from watching the end of ‘The Social Network’ and put it into his musical talents. He’s sadder than you are, and that’s ok.

Devin didn’t need to be hit by a car when he was twelve, he didn’t need to lose the love of his life at age of eighteen to feel sad. He can be sad simply by being a violin player.

His emotions trump every emotion you’ve ever had.

His life pains are worse than anything you’ve ever felt.

Because he’s a musician, and it’s all in the job description.

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