INN Staff Disguises Actual Trash Can to Look like Michael Zembricki

PEYTON HALL INCUBATOR – The staff of The Intercollegiate News Network woke up early Thursday morning to find out that their fearless leader, CEO Michael Zembricki, was sick in bed and could not make a vital meeting.

With the vital meeting approaching and no glorious leader to guide them, the staff of INN had to make a quick and professional decision: they had to find a replacement for Zembricki and they had to do it fast.

The staff quickly cobbled together a replacement by placing a literal trash can on Zembricki’s chair and dressing it up in custom wear to give it the appearance of INN’s loyal and brave CEO.

The important investor walked in promptly for a meeting at 3 p.m. to address the visionary staff of INN for the meeting. His first words as he entered the room were: “Wow, Mike, you clean up nice!”

The INN staff exchanged nervous looks and pondered how could this man not notice that “Mike” was just a trash can with clothes and a sailors cap on it?

Nevertheless, the staff of INN persisted. They could not afford to let this meeting slide so they decided to just run with it.

James Gearsbeck, Chief Operations of Staff and secondary leader of the team started the meeting by filling in the investor with all of the important details of the company as Abby Adams, Director of The Burlesque, and Nick Avery, He Has a Job Title Somewhere, chirped in when necessary.

As the meeting went on, Gearsbeck continuously made gestures to “Mike” using comments like “we” and “Mike thinks this is best”, as the investor nodded in agreement.

When the meeting came to a close, the Director asked “Mike” a very tough question. When “Mike” couldn’t find it in himself to utter a proper response, the investor said he would give him time to think about it.

As time closes in for a secondary meeting, the staff has been nervously walking around the office wondering what move is to be made next.

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