POTSDAM,NY – This weekend was SUNY Potsdam’s Family Weekend. Family Weekend is famous for two things at Potsdam- Moms and Dads.

Unfortunately for some students who reside far away from Potsdam, this means that their parents rarely visit: If they visit at all. Many homesick freshman looked to Dad Culture Records to fix the issue.

Dad Culture Records is a student run organization that sets up concerts for the local community.

Sadly, their name has been quite controversial on campus lately.

The Potsdam Plague took it upon ourselves to get to the bottom of this by interviewing students around campus.

The first student we interviewed, Gage Mag, had many insightful reasons for this phenomenon: “It all started with the recession, there was a decrease in the stock of Dads. The Dad bubble popped. People just aren’t interested in being Dads anymore.”

And it’s not just Mag who has experienced a dad-less Dad Culture event.

A freshman commented on the issue, “I walked into the venue expecting to find my dad and all I found were a bunch of kids boppin’ around wearing Cosby sweaters and talking about the French press.”

“I think the French media is great” Mag butted into the conversation, “The only reputable news institution.”

With this information gathered, The Plague went to the heart of the problem and interviewed a founding member of Dad Culture (an unnamed source).

We asked the source a few simple questions:

“Why are there no dads at Dad Culture events? And do you expect any members of Dad Culture to be dads soon? And who? And why? And what do you think about the French press?”

The source shook their head and answered our question, “I really regret being a part of this interview.” And walked away.

Will we ever get to the bottom of this issue?

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