With the embers of the recent CUSA election still smoldering, CUSA is attempting to foster unity among the student body. With the current president stepping down and the elect being disqualified, there is a vacuum and a need for strong leadership. With the conditions of finding a strong leader, the senate’s decision was only natural: Thunder Dome.

The Clarkson Thunder Dome, first founded when John P. Brooks broke the back of John A. Ross over his knee in 1962, thus securing his name on the best living residence. The Thunder Dome forever became a staple of resolving debates on Clarkson, the most recent being current President Collins’ heroic victory in 2003 when he tossed ex-president Denny Brown into a pit of dingoes in a stunning coup de grâce. However, the senate finds that it is time to accord with tradition and return to Clarkson history in order to restore stability and power to the land.

The activities for this year include flame thrower battles (heated debates), Mad Max-esque death racing (campaign race), katana fighting (sweeping the competition), bludgeoning your opponent with a large gobstopper (mudslinging), and hand to hand combat (one-on-one interviews). Seating for students is free and participation is highly encouraged (popular support). If you’re sitting in the first couple of rows, bring a rain coat as these are considered as the splash zone.

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