Wilderness Education is not just a minor at SUNY Potsdam- it’s a way of life. Do you need a way to break into this way of life? The Potsdam Plague stormed into the forces of Dunn Hall to find the facts.

“To me, there are really only two ways to become a true Wilderness Education student here at SUNY Potsdam; that’s either taking all of the 19 credits required for the minor or buying a new fresh Patagonia fleece jacket.” Stated Alaina Dochylo, a senior and Leadership II student.

It became clear to the Plague after interviewing several of the fall backpacking leaders that this was not just the opinion of Dochlyo.

“When we give the students a packing list for the five day backpacking trip at the end of the course, we really give them two options- either bring the full amount of gear needed to survive in the wilderness for five days- or just purchase one hella fresh new Patagucci jacket. It’s pretty simple.” Said one of the leaders for the upcoming trip.

The Plague not only interviewed trip leaders in the minor, but also alumni of the Leadership I course. The Leadership I course is a class that takes place over the summer as students partake in a 16-day backpacking trip in New York.”I was a Leadership I student and I only had to do half of the trip because just before the backpacking hike I acquired a fine new Patagonia checkered fleece. Halfway through the trip, I left the woods because the professors in the course agreed that because I had this jacket, I would not need to finish the trip. I was pretty thrilled. Everyone knows that Wilderness Ed students don’t really want to go backpacking. We just like fresh looking Patagonias.” -Abby Adams.

The Potsdam Plague went to confirm this news with Adam Wheeler, a guy who probably works in the Wilderness Education field based on his wide range of Patagonia fleeces and his stickered water bottle.

Here’s how it went down:

PP: “Can I just buy a Patagonia fleece instead of completing the minor?”

Wheeler: “Yes.”

There you have it, another case solved by Potsdam’s Leading News Source.

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