Austria Denies Afghan’s Asylum Bid because He ‘Did Not Act or Dress Gay’

An Afghan teen has been denied asylum into Austria on reasoning that he didn’t “walk, act, or dress” like a gay man. The Afghan teen applied for asylum over fear of prosecution in his home country for his sexual orientation. “The way you walk, act or dress does not show even in the slightest that you could be homosexual,” wrote the official in his assessment of the Afghan teen. Additional purported reasons for the official’s doubt concerning the teen’s sexuality include his lack of social personality, “potential for aggression,” the lack of receiving damage from kissing straight males in his home country, and the teen’s age (12) when discovering his sexuality.

“Asylum seekers must substantiate their reasons for fleeing. Austria’s internal ministry had nothing to say on the specific case, instead giving the statement on the system at large, “There are no concrete rules of proof, but the authorities must show if and why a claim was found to be substantiated.” The ministry added that “individual impressions” were significant in the interview. The teen will be appealing the ruling to flee from Afghanistan’s conservative views on his sexuality.

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