EA Under Investigation in Belgium over FIFA’s Lootbox System

The Belgian government has begun a criminal investigation into EA following the game giant’s refusal to modify/remove the lootbox system in accordance with the country’s gambling laws.

Lootboxes, a system of randomized in-game rewards; which are frequently able to be purchased with actual currency, were recognized as a form of gambling in Belgium earlier in April. Popular games such as Blizzard’s Overwatch and Valve’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) were also found in violation of the new definition, but elected to comply with the law.

EA is the only giant not to comply with the new definition and is now subject to criminal investigation by the Brussels public prosecutor’s office.

The consideration of lootboxes as gambling comes from the uncertainty of which items the box will contain when purchasing it. EA, predictably, denounced the interpretation and claims has yet to make a recent statement on the ongoing investigation.

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