We here at INN are proud to announce our brand new broadcast! The broadcast, dubbed the ever-so-straightforward INN TV, will be your new place to get your media. Being a modern company, the broadcast is hosted fully online and will let you get your media on the go! Watch quick and reliable news briefs for your busy life or stick around and see specials highlighting your friends and community’s highlights. Have something to share? Drop us a hint and we’ll be happy to check it out or share your content to be hosted on the broadcast.

INN TV has been almost a year in the making and is just now in its infancy. This means that you can expect lots and lots of updates in the future to ensure you get the best out of us. Our dedicated team is always happy to listen to suggestions and feedback so if there’s anything you want to see, let us know! 

So where can you find our latest new platform? Our website will definitely include the broadcast, but make sure you look for the broadcast in local businesses to see your achievements displayed for the whole community! Additionally, business specials and offers can found by looking for the broadcasts around town. If you own a business and are interested in hosting our new broadcast, contact us!

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