SUNY Canton Instructional Support Associate Neil A. Haney is known for creating innovative solutions to complicated problems.

The Canino School of Engineering Technology staff member was recently notified that his lubricating device designed for commercial chainsaws had been assigned U.S. Patent No. 10,307,931.

“Neil embodies the college’s spirit of innovation,” said SUNY Canton President Zvi Szafran. “We are a place where students can work toward fully developing a new concept or device. He’s set a great example for our students and alumni alike.”

Haney, who is an alumnus of the Automotive Technology program, came up with the idea to utilize a positive displacement pump to provide oil for a chainsaw bar and chain while building a firewood processing machine. His invention delivers more oil to the surfaces than traditional methods through an automatic mechanical process.

Neil A. Haney, a SUNY Canton alumnus and employee shows the inner-workings of his innovative mechanical chainsaw oiling device, which was recently assigned U.S. Patent No. 10,307,931.

“I was looking at all the other solutions out there, but none of them fit my needs,” Haney said, recalling how he came up with the idea. “Innovation is something that has always interested me, and the students here are always eager to help with new projects.”

Haney worked through the SUNY Research Foundation and SUNY Canton to file a provisional application through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2015. Several companies have researched the project and contacted him about incorporating his device into their products.

“Congratulations to Neil on achieving this critical milestone in the technology transfer process,” said Steven Wood, associate director for innovation and entrepreneurship at the SUNY Research Foundation.  “Neil’s applied research and hands-on involvement with students in building his prototype exemplifies how SUNY innovations spark new opportunities. SUNY research produces more than 100 new technologies every year, and we always welcome the chance to assist faculty and staff inventors across the SUNY system to move ideas and inventions to the marketplace.”

In addition to constructing a lumber processing machine, Haney is currently working with Mechanical Engineering Technology and Sustainable Energy Technology students on constructing a biomass refinery system. The device uses burning wood to replace gasoline for electric generation. He estimates that biomass fuels are 33% more efficient than fossil fuels.

“I’ve been afforded many opportunities as a student and as a staff member at SUNY Canton,” he said. “I’ve been able to build machines at the next level. That’s why any of the profits I make off of that pump will be donated back to the college.”

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